Commands to load programs from cassette tape and floppy

This page attempts to list the load commands for various 8-bit computers, which were available from the late 70s to the late 80s. A load command is used to load a program into the computer's RAM memory. Often cassette players were used, loading programs from tape. Some computers also supported floppy disks and some were able to accept catridges.
TRS-80, also known as System 80 in Australia, and Video Genie, which were sold in Europe
SYSTEM (then the first letter or full name of the program to load (machine programes))
CLOADM (for machine program, undocumented as far as i know)
Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer (CoCo), also known as Dragon 32/64, which were sold in Britain
CLOADM (for machine programs)
LOADM "0:AAA.BIN":EXEC (for machine programs from floppy, while "0" is for the first drive, "0:" can also be omited for the first drive)
DOS (to load an alternate operating system such as OS-9; might not work with the Dragon)
Commodore 64 and VIC-20
LOAD (for programs from cassette)
LOAD "*",8 (for BASIC programs from floppy)
LOAD "*",8,1 (for machine programs from floppy)
Oric 1 and Oric Atmos
Spectravideo SV-328 and SV-318
RUN"CAS:" (load and run)
Atari 400/800
They can automatically load a floppy disk if it was inserted before powering the computer on.
CLOAD (loads programs saved with CSAVE)
LOAD "C:" (loads programs saved with SAVE "C:")
ENTER "C:" (loads programs saved with LIST "C:")
RUN "C:" (loads&runs programs saved with SAVE "C:")
Taken from Atarimania, hope that is okay.
Apple II
Many floppies disks boot automatically after power up
RUN PROGRAM_NAME (loads and starts a program)
CATALOG (get directory listing)
Texas Instruments TI-99/4A
Press "1" to get into BASIC
Amstrad CPC464
|tape (or pressing SHIFT and "@" - for tape)
|dir (for floppy disk)
cat (alternatively)
load"<filename> (load the file from floppy disk)
run"program name" (tries to find, load and run a program)
Sinclair Spectrum - ZX81
j "" (loads the next program found from tape)
Mattel Aquarius
Acorn BBC Micro and possibly Acorn Electron
LOAD "" (loads a basic from floppy)
CHAIN "" (load and run a BASIC program from floppy)
RUN "" (load and run a binary program from floppy)
CAT (catalog - lists files available on floppy)
Mattel Aquarius
Camputers Lynx
MLOAD"" (loads and runs a machine program from tape)
LOAD "" (loads and runs a BASIC program from tape)

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