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MAME roms download - Arcade video game emulator, also for the RetroPie

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Find and download all MAME video game roms here. You'll need an emulator to play these games (les jeux vidéo in French, Videospiele in German, giocare ai videogiochi in Italian, videojuegos in Spanish or jogos de vídeo in Portuguese. It also works using the RetroPie - Retro-gaming on the Raspberry Pi, the GPD XD Plus or any other machine with a built-in software. Have a look at Mameui.info for a M.A.M.E. arcade emulator for various operating systems. If you run Linux, different UNIX flavors or MacOS there will be MAME packages in your software manager already available. To use these romsets in other operating systems, especially Windows, you need to download and install t manually. There even exist apps for Android. Although I cannot find any apps for the iOS (Apple's iPad oder iPhone). Also have a look at Retrogames. When M.A.M.E. is installed and images images diwnloaded from here move them into a directory called roms inside your installation directory. Do not unzip the romset!

It's not a simulator. Al least the main parts of the machine aren't simulated. Although some machine offer floppy sounds and other "ear candy" which are done by simulation.

Getting video game roms allow gamers the enjoyment of experiencing the classic arcade games from yesteryear. These are still popular - increasingly gamers are branching out into other online games including internet casino. These offer other games such as slots, playing for real money. Increasingly popular in Europe, casino guides like www.casinoonline.de allow the savvy gamer to make the best choice.
Last update: December 07 2018

I am 52 years old. Many years have passed since I discovered MAME in late 1997. When video game files for arcade games spread over several other fan pages I also decided to create this page in the year 2000. Because I couldn't find any fan page having screenshots or photos of the games at this time.

Nicola Salmoria and The MAME Team had the great idea on December 24th 1996 to create an emulator for the famous arcade games found in arcades in the mid to late 70's to today, making it possible to now re-play vintage and retro games. This page contains photos (screen shots) of all the games I gather here. This collection is my personal preference. Games I used to play when they came out to the arcades back in the day. Thus only a fraction of the games available for M.A.M.E.

If you really like playing these games then you might like the authentic feeling that playing on an arcade machine can bring that can't be reproduced on your PC. Standing at the cabinet, using the microswitch joystick and buttons, looking at the arcade monitor. Nothing beats this.

You can actually build your own, using woodworking skills or you can buy from companies the various parts that you need, like the marquees that display the name of the game to the sideart that is displayed on the side. These cabinets can contain either an original Jamma harness (for attaching real arcade boards) or a computer so you can run MAME on the cabinet.

In the second half of the 2010s relativly cheap made mini cabs popped up at electronic retailers and even Walmart or Kmart if available in your country. These mini cabinets are usually made of plastic and use emulation. Next to classic video games they often also emulate the (Super) Nintendo Entertainment System or SEGA Dreamcast, Game Gear and other consoles. Take a tour at some local retailers on Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Boxing Day and snap one away for a good price.

Some games need audio samples. The games will run without samples but then miss certain or all sounds. Samples are kept in another directory than the roms-images. Keep that in mind because otherwise you might overwrite a rom-image with its sample.
Below you find my favorite game image files for download. These are of version 0.193 from a full non merged set, all games should be self contained. Thank you Obi for the update.

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If you use an adblocker in some cases you won't be able to download any of the files. Please consider to deactivate your adblocker and refresh this page to be able to enjoy retro arcade games.

Sorted by year.

720 Degrees1986720 Degrees
Afterburner II1987Afterburner II
Asteroids De Luxe1980Asteroids De Luxe
Astro Blaster  (you might want an external sample file)1981Astroblaster
Astro Fighter  (you might want an external sample file)1980Astro Fighter
Berzerk  (you might want an external sample file)1980Berzerk
Black Tiger1987Black Tiger
Blast Off1989Blast Off
Bubble Bobble1986Bubble Bobble
Buck Roger: Planet Of Zoom  (you might want an external sample file)1982Buck Roger
Burger Time1982Burger Time
Burning Rubber1982Burning Rubber
Cosmic Guerilla  (you might want an external sample file)1979Cosmic Guerilla
Crazy Kong1981Crazy Kong
Crystal Castles1983Crystal Castles
Depthcharge  (you might want an external sample file)1977Depthcharge
Disks of Tron1983Disk of Tron
Dodonpachi  Misses other rom to work1997Dondopachi
Donkey Kong  (you might want an external sample file)1981Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong 31983Donkey Kong 3
Donkey Kong Junior (Donkey Kong Jr.)  (you might want an external sample file)1982Donkey Jr.
Dig Dug  Needs namco51 and namco52 and namco53 1982Dig Dug
Elevator Action1983Elevator Action

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