Hire a text writer for unique SEO texts, web design and programing


I write (unique SEO) texts, blog texts, can re-write existing texts to your needs. I can deliver within 24 hours if needed. The quality of my product depends on the price per word.


I can can translate texts from English to German (Deutsch) or German to English. I am a native of Germany and can thus produce quality translations. I can deliver within 24 hours if needed.

Web design and programming

I can design web pages. The code written in a text editor. Or I can make use of Website Builder Software on a remote service platform where you want to run the web site. HTML can also include scripts if needed. I also have some knowledge of high level programming languages like C. But not enough for a big project.

If you are interested in any of that, please hire me. Please note that for payment I can only accept it delivered to an European bank account or by using PayPal.


This is essentially a blog backup.

Some of the videos from my Youtube channel

That doesn't mean I redorded them all. Some are snippets or compilations of other videos. Many are screen captures of computer running older operating systems. Subscribe if you like them to be updated when new content was added.

If you are into vintage arcade gaming you might also like my Emulator web page.