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Commodore Amiga MOD tracker music download

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According to Wikipedia the MOD (module) file format was invented by Karsten Obarski in 1987. You wonder what these MOD thingies are? Learn more at FlatRich's MOD terms. Not all files here were created on an Amiga. It had 4 channels. But some tunes here have 6 or more. Still the concept of the tracker all files here are based upon was born on the Amiga.

Pop, Techno, Dance, Trance and Game Music made with MOD trackers or the Amiga computer

Some of the files are performed by members of the European Demo Scene. Others are Tunes of classic AMIGA games. Others are Dance Remixes of know or unknown songs from the 70s, 80s or 90s. To play these files you'll need a player, such as VLC (VideoLan) for many operating systems. You usually don't need to extract the MOD files because most players can decompress (unzip) the archive on the fly.

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AMIGA Dance Remixes

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A Question Of Lust Octamed Interpretation of Depeche Mode's tune by unknown author 57 KB
Acid Rain Fasttracker Acid tune by Deeno 134 KB
Alien Dark atmospheric tune by Feekzoid on 06/05/96 613 KB
Axel F. Noisetracker Harold Faltermeyer's tune, by unknown coder 61 KB
Axel F. Noisetracker Another interpretation of Axel F., by unknown coder 134 KB
Base Dance by plauze of alphaflight 203 KB
Autobahn Fasttracker Kraftwerk's song by TimJ 102 KB
Big In Japan Noisetracker Interpretation of Alphaville's song by unknown coder 56 KB
Blue Monday Noisetracker Interpretation of New Order's tune (Released on KGB demo disk 49 KB
Boom__An Climie Fisher's Boom there she was 200 KB
Chariots of fire Screamtracker Transcribed by HMW 227 KB
Children Screamtracker Interpretation of Robert Miles' song, by Nightbeat/Digital Disaster 363 KB
Computerworld Original performed by Kraftwerk, by TimJ 26 KB
Das Boot Mixed by stony from tremors 260 KB
Doing Time Funky tune by CHRYLIAN 185 KB
Don't You Want Me Screamtracker Interpreatation of Felix's song by beathoven of infect 65 KB
Distant Call Nice piano tune by mr.man/andromeda (1993) 113 KB
Enjoy The Violence Noisetracker Nice, but too short interpretation of Depeche Mode's tune 194 KB
For Ever Young Fasttracker Interpretation of Alphaville's tune by Ng Pei Sin 174 KB
Feel It! After a song by Felix inspired by Paradise Decay 189 KB
Fields Of Gold After a song by Sting 160 KB
Go West Fasttracker Interpretation of Pet Shop Boy's tune by Ng Pei Sin 233 KB
Hard Interpretation of Pet Shop Boy's tune by unknown author 107 KB
Heart Beat Fasttracker By LKA 89 86 KB
High Score Original C64 tune, converted by Yavon Of Lightwave 113 KB
Hoo Yeah Lots of Hoo Yeahs :-) 231 KB
House Very famous house MOD 250 KB
IceIceFX A groovy funk track 85 KB
I'll Find My Way Home Octamed Original by Vangelis, arranged by B.C./NoAff 100 KB
In Flight Short Pop von airon (1995) 51 KB
It's A Sin Fasttracker Pet Shop Boy's song arranged by LKA 89 105 KB
La Mode Screamtracker Trancy tune byAcid [phluid] Musician & nova-Darkwolf 196 KB
Let's hear it for the boy Interpretation of the song by Deniece Williams 57 KB
Lotus Trance by Sonic/Destiny/Cows 205 KB
Make Your Move Fasttracker Funky tune by Dr. Awesome 123 KB
Miami Vice Conversion of the C64 game tune by #dreamfish/trsi 866 Bytes (!)
Mig 29 Pop-Rock by unknown Coder 90 KB
Misty Heart Melodic romantic HQ sample tune by Ng Pei Sin 357 KB
Moon Shining Funky tune by Acetip 82 KB
Move It Fasttracker Tune after the famous song bt By Trevor C. Dell 171 KB
Ne-Groove Hith V5 Funky tune by unknown composer 88 KB
Nitetime Screamtracker A funky dance track by Replay 113 KB
No Coke Startrekker Interpretation of Dr. Albans hit by -slixx- 85 KB
No Inspiration Noisetracker Nice, 80s sounding synthpop 91 KB
Open Sesame Inspired by Leila K's tune, remixed by Andemar of Xymox Project 322 KB
P Funk Noisetracker Music arranged and mixed by ---- m o b y ---- 79 KB
Progress Noisetracker Tune by by u4ia of megawatts 224 KB
Pump Up The Jam Noisetracker Remix of Technotronic's tune 112 KB
Radioactivity Impulsetracker Interpretation Kraftwerk's song by !IONISATION! 95 KB
Rich In Paradis Noisetracker Ripped by Alex 231 KB
Saturnal Dance by ArpegiatorEp! 95 KB
Silents A song by Silents, a must hear!!! 160 KB
Situation Original was performed by Yazoo 95 KB
Somewhere Over The Rainbow Impulsetracker Marusha's song remixed by PegaSus 119 KB
Space Debris   "Spacie" tune by Captain (Markus Kaarlonen) 291 KB
Spiral Dream S3M logo Trance by Leviathan 279 KB
Steeve B. Soundtracker IX Remix of a tune by Steeve B. 54 KB
Stripped Noisetracker Interpretation of Depeche Mode's tune by unknown coder 54 KB
Substance Dance by Therminal Storm 170 KB
The Circus Noisetracker Remix of Erasure's The Circus 71 KB
The Final HouseMyx Noisetracker House song by by Boztik 209 KB
Thunderstruck Noisetracker Remix of AC/DC Thunderstruck 184 KB
Touch Me Noisetracker Remix of Sweetbox' Touch Me 229 KB
Trans Europa Express Fasttracker Kraftwerk's song tracked by Tim/nwv 394 KB
Under Arrest Octamed Tracy tune by Kaa 142 KB
Where The Devils Synth funk by unknown composer 53 KB
Wir Happy Hippos Funny tune with samples of a German TV comercial 146 KB
Zoolookologie Jean Michael Jarre Zoolookologie by unknown 151 KB

AMIGA Game Intros And Music

Alien Breed II Game tune 124 KB
Amegas (1987) One of the first Mods by Karsten Obarski 46 KB
Bionic Commando Title tune 47 KB
Bubble Bobble Original (?) game music 47 KB
Cannon Fodder Original game intro 181 KB
Dune (Ecolove) Original game tune (?) by Alex Ekian 108 KB
Epic Pinball Screamtracker Game tune by Robert A. Allen (?) 159 KB
Extreme Pinball Screamtracker Game intro tune by Alexander Brandon (?) 100 KB
Futuretank   Titel music by Karsten Obarski 55 KB
FA-18 Interceptor   By Dave Warhol 138 KB
Great Giana Sisters 3 (Remix) A dance remix of the game music 47 KB
Lotus Challenge 2 Bootup tune 48 KB
Missile Alert Mark Knight/T.D.K 77 KB
Oil Imperium Title   Game title tune by Karsten Obarski (1989) 19 KB
Pinball Fantasies Tune by Olof Gustaffson 168 KB
Pinball Dreams 2   Game intro by A. N. Putson (march 1994) 174 KB
Pinball Illusions Noisetracker Game intro by Olof Gustafsson 231 KB
Rallyemaster Titel music by Karsten Obarski 56 KB
R-Type Tune by Chris Hülsbeck 88 KB
Sarcophaser Titel music by Karsten Obarski 49 KB
Shadow Of The Beast 1   Game music 51 KB
Shadow Of The Beast 3   Game intro 43 KB
Silent Servive II Converted by Gryzor 62 KB
Silkworm Original game music 31 KB
Space Harier Noisetracker Probably not the original game tune. Converted by Frederic Hahn 48 KB
Turrican   Bootup tune 75 KB
Turrican   High Scores 75 KB
Turrican 2  Fasttracker Bootup tune 75 KB
Turrican II Remix   Remix of Turrican II 75 KB
Xenon 2 Megablast Game intro music by Bomb the Bass 296 KB

Classic Amiga Demo Tunes - Mainly From The 80s

4mats Madness 4mat of Anarchy 73 KB
7th Heaven Great track by DJ Joge/Chrome 672 KB
BlueBerry Classic demo tune by Karsten Obarski 44 KB
BlueSong Classic demo tune by Karsten Obarski 54 KB
Chrystal Hammer Classic demo tune by Karsten Obarski 50 KB
Elimination By Lizardking/Alcatraz in 1992 91 KB
Galaxy 2 Upbeat tune by Firefox 99 KB
Jackdance Classic demo tune by Karsten Obarski 35 KB
Liquid Harmony Nice synth tune, composed by redribbon 100 KB
Lightwalk Funky dance tune, produced by hvidsten (c)&(p) probe (1992) 131 KB
Moon Gate Noisetracker Nice piano tune by mr.man/andromeda (1993) 155 KB
Nemesis By Radix/Meka Design 1993 89 KB
Neptune By Fleshbrain/Crusader 79 KB
Nothing To Fear Nice synth tune, composed by redribbon 52 KB
Planets Unknown composer, like R-Type 88 KB
Purodex Cracktro Cracktro by abyss 6 KB
Sleepwalker Demo by Karsten Obarski 44 KB

Modules marked with ScreamtrackerOctamedFasttrackerNoisetracker or Impulsetracker won't play with every modplayer. The rest should.

A Modul player and plugin for Windows should work for all Windows systems. Linux and MacOS should have MOD player onboard.

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